PhD Program


Language English
Program Time (Year) 4
Max.Program Time (Year) 6
Program Quota  
Internships Status Absent

About Programme

The PhD program of the department matching the fast developments in the technology and science has been arranged to educate engineers enabling to follow new development technology, carry out and develop them and having creative and leadership quality. 


The department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was founded in 1982 under the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Gazi University. Previously it was serving under Ankara State Engineering and Architecture Academy (ADMMA). Graduate education started in 1992 in Turkish language. The 100% English graduate program started in 2015.

Qualification Awarded

PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Admission Requirements

For Turkish Citizens:
(1) Second Cycle (Master's) Degree diploma with thesis,
(2) A minimum ALES score of 75 or equivalent international examinations scores for graduate-level programmes such as GRE, GMAT, etc., recognised by YÖK.
(3) A minimum 3.00/4.00 second cycle degree grade.
(4) A minimum score of 55 in accepted foreign language proficiency exams.
Candidates gain access to the programmes based on their composite scores consisting of second cycle degree grade point averages, ALES and foreign language exam.
Meeting these conditions does not mean the candidate is admitted. Candidates meeting these conditions must also take a written exam and/or participate in a technical interview.

For International Students:
Second Cycle Degree diploma with thesis obtained from universities recognised by YÖK. Candidates gain access to
the programmes based on their second cycle degree grade point averages.

Higher Grade Transition


Graduation Requirements

Students have to successfully complete 240 credits including courses, Ph.D. qualifier exam, thesis preparation and Ph.D. thesis.


Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Ph.D. program graduates primarily work as academician. R&D Departments of public and private companies are among the other choices.

Assessment and Grading

The activities that are considered in determining the final score for each course and their weights are described in course description forms. Final crude scores are converted into a letter grade by using relative assessment rules. A minimum of CB grade is required to pass a course.


Detailed information can be found here.

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