Master of Science Program



Language English
Duration (Years) 2
Maximun Duration (Years) 3
Summer Practice None


Program Content

The purpose of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate education program is to train engineers who can compete at the international level in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, who attach importance to universal values, who are virtuous, hardworking, who use their professional knowledge on behalf of humanity and society, produce and offer creative solutions and to provide the necessary education and training and to produce, develop and disseminate all the necessary knowledge, skills and technologies related to this engineering branch that humanity needs.


Our Department, which was affiliated to the Ankara State Engineering and Architecture Academy before 1982, was connected to Gazi University on this date and was named Gazi University Electrical-Electronics Engineering Department. Postgraduate education started in Turkish in 1992, and the English program has started in 2015.


Master of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Admission Conditions

Students must meet the following conditions to apply:
To graduate from an engineering undergraduate program with at least one of the names Electricity, Electronics, Communication.
Having a GPA of at least 2.40/4.00.
ALES score (numerical) must be at least 75
English language score of at least 75
Note: These criteria may change over time. Current criteria are stated in the application announcements.

Meeting these conditions does not mean acceptance. Candidates whose applications are accepted are taken to a written and/or oral exam.

Transition to Upper Degree

Students who have obtained a Master's degree can apply to the PhD program.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete 60 credits of coursework and 60 credits of thesis work in the maximum amount of time given.

Please check the "GAZİ UNIVERSITY GRADUATE EDUCATION AND EXAM REGULATIONS" to examine the graduation requirements in detail.

Graduate Employment Opportunities

All kinds of public and private institutions working in the field of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Especially organizations operating in the defense industry and organizations operating in the energy industry.


In all courses, it is given in the course introduction forms by which components the end-of-term grade is calculated. The conversion of grades to letter grades is done with a relative evaluation system. For graduate students, a minimum grade of CC must be obtained in order to be successful in a course.


Detailed information can be found here.

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