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Department Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Electrical and Electronics Engineering is one of the most rapidly developing engineering disciplines. Educational program at the department has been arranged to match the fast developments in the technology and science to graduate creative engineers who can adapt, follow and develop initiative technologies in this field.

Department of Electrical-Electronic Engineering has two undergraduate programs, a 30% English program and a 100% English program, an M.Sc. program and a Ph.D. program. While minimum 30% of the courses in the 30% English program must be in English, the real ratio is over 80%.

Both undergraduate programs have the same contents. The first three years are common to all students. In this period, take mathematic, basic science and computer programming courses along with the courses necessary for the background of Electrical-Electronic Engineering in the fields of Circuit Theory, Electromagnetic Theory, Electronics and Electromechanical Energy Conversion. Last year curriculum is divided into packages, and students choose one of these packages to specialize in one field. They also have to choose three courses from the other packages. This way they can have in-depth knowledge in one field and a wide education in various fields of electrical-electronic engineering. In addition to these, students are required to take two social elective courses to increase their social skills. All students must complete two design courses in their last year. They are expected to solve a design problem similar to what they will face in their engineering career with a project management approach.

First two years of the program are common to all students. All students are granted the title of "Electrical and Electronics Engineer" when they finish all the requirements. The department also aims to give the students hands-on experience by laboratory courses. 40 days summer practice is required for graduation.

The Department grants the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. At the present, Electronics, Digital Electronics, Telecommunication, Electrical Measurement, Electrical Machinery, Power Electronics, Antennas and Microwave, Computer, Computer Architecture, Control Systems and High Voltage laboratories support the undergraduate and graduate programs.


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