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Compulsory Internship Form is prepared in 3 copies and confirmed by the institution where the internship will be held.
Compulsory Internship Form can be downloaded from → Internship/Workplace Training Application and Acceptance Form

Form 2 can be found here if necessary → Unemployment Fund Contribution to Internship Fees Information Form

  2.) 3 copies of Compulsory Internship Form which approved by the institution, 3 copies of Internship Achievement Certificate and Internship Report Front Page should be filled and then approved by the department student affairs.
You can download Internship Achievement Certificate and Internship Report Front Page from here.
  3.) After all the documents are approved by the department, copies of the Compulsory Internship Form are taken to the faculty student affairs along with 1 picture and a Insurance Entry Document is received. One copy of the Compulsory Internship Form is submitted to the faculty student affairs and the other to the department student affairs.  
  4.) Insurance Entry Document recieved from the faculty student affairs and 3 copies of Internship Achievement Certificate, which were previously approved by the department student affairs, are delivered to the institution where the internship will take place. Internship Report Front Page is saved for later use in report writing.  
  5.) At the end of the internship, two copies of Internship Achievement Certificate (one for the Department and one for Student Affairs) filled in by the institution are delivered to the student in a sealed envelope or mailed to the department student affairs.  

The Internship Report, which is prepared in accordance with the format specified in the Internship Principles and Procedures, is submitted to the Department Student Affairs Office within 20 (twenty) working days from the beginning of the courses in the Academic calendar for the semester following the internship.
Students who receive their internship success documents in a sealed envelope deliver this envelope together with the internship report.

Internship Principles and Procedures

Evaluation of Internships

  1. The reports and documents related to the internships of the students are reviewed by the instructors appointed by the commission, taking into account the internship evaluation criteria (EEM200, EEM300). If there is a deficiency in the internship report and documents, the student is given an additional 10 working days to correct the deficiency.
  2. Students will prepare a 10-minute presentation about their internship.
  3. The instructor evaluates the student's internship based on the internship report, internship success certificate and presentation.
  4. Evaluation scores of internship reports are announced by the commission.
  5. Objections to be made within 15 days from the date of announcement are reviewed and finalized by the commission.
  6. Evaluation scores are converted into success grades by considering the table below.
    • AA:    90-100
    • BA:    85-89
    • BB:    80-84
    • CB:    75-79
    • CC:    70-74
    • DC:    60-69
    • DD:    50-59
    • FD:    40-49
    • FF:    00-39
    • G:    Internship report is not submitted
  7. Finalized internship success grades are entered into the student information system between the dates announced by the rectorate.

Students whose internship is deemed insufficient, who do not come to the interview despite being invited, or who are decided to be unsuccessful, have to do their internship again.


Internship Report Example can be downloaded through the link.



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